RE /100 [Reborn One Hundred] & NG 100

Bandai RE100 is a line of plastic model kits designed for intermediate to builders who seek a high level of detail and customization. The RE100 line includes scaled-down models of mobile suits and mecha from various anime series and video games that were originally designed for the older model kit lines that are no longer in production.

These kits feature a snap-fit assembly, with parts molded in multiple colors, eliminating the need for paint. However, stickers and decals are included to add additional details. The finished models stand around 18cm tall with a high level of poseability and detail. 

The RE100 line is known for its attention to detail and customization without the complexities often found in the MG (Master Grade) line of models'. They include additional accessories, such as weapons or alternate hands. The RE100 line is popular among most builders due to its high-quality construction and attention to detail, as well as the opportunity to build models that were previously unavailable.

RE/100 1/100 MSN-04 II Nightingale


1/100 Gundam Maxter


1/100 Rising Gundam