RG [Real Grade]

Bandai Real Grade (RG) is a line of plastic model kits designed for intermediate to advanced builders who seek a high level of detail and poseability. The RG line includes scaled-down models of iconic mobile suits and mecha from various anime series and video games. These kits feature a snap-fit assembly, with parts molded in multiple colors, eliminating the need for paint in some cases. However, stickers and decals are included to add additional details. The finished models stand around 13cm tall, with a high level of poseability and detail, thanks to their advanced joint systems and intricate inner frames.

The RG line is known for its attention to detail, with the models replicating the look and feel of their on-screen counterparts, including the unique color separation and surface texture of each mobile suit or mecha. The RG line is popular among both casual and serious builders due to its high-quality construction and attention to detail.

RG 1/144 Gundam Epyon


RG 1/144 Gaogaigar


RG 1/144 God Gundam


RG 1/144 XXXG-01 Wing Gundam


RG 1/144 Nu Gundam


RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam


RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam


RG 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package
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RG 1/144 XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ew


RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam


RG 1/144 MS-06F Zaku II


RG 1/144 Z Gundam


RG 1/144 Destiny Gundam


RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam


RG 1/144 Justice Gundam


RG 1/144 MS-06S Zaku II


RG 1/144 MSN-06S Sinanju


RG 1/144 OO Qan[T]


RG 1/144 Sazabi


RG 1/144 Z'GOK Char's Custom